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We can fit into your plans whether it be a website upgrade, new template or theme, or brand new content management system. Depending on your needs we'll suggest what best fits for your organisation and the goals of your website.

We use opensource platforms such as Drupal, Wordpress & Joomla among others. They all make great websites and all have their individual strengths, we'll install and develop a solution that's best for you. And if you want to integrate some of your website content into smartphone apps - we can do that too!

The sites we develop can include the following features:

  • Web Pages - Linked to your menus 
  • Blogs - Regular, timely  posts from your staff/members about what is happening
  • News sections - Press releases, latest offerings, events, etc.
  • Photo Galleries - Simply upload your photos and let the website do the fancy stuff to show them off using LightBoxes, Sliders, etc.
  • Newsletters - Uploaded through your web browser 
  • Calendars - Keep track of events for your organisation and audience
  • Contact Forms - Let poeple get in touch through your website
  • File Uploads - Forms, documents, anything that need to be downloaded by your users!
  • RSS feeds - Subscribe to blogs, newsletters, calendar events and site content.
  • Specialized views - Organised lists of content from your website

The above features would adequately meet the needs of most small organisations and schools. Other features can be developed or modified upon request. All features and content for your website can be administered through a web browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox. So if you know how to cut and paste, surf the web, and upload an image (like on facebook), you have all the skills you need to keep your site up to date. 

You probably already have a website of sorts. Why not contact us for a free assessment of how we can help!