Go Mobile

Let's face it - the world has gone mobile!

Although we still use computers a lot to access the web, a growing audience of people are accessing websites through their mobile phones, tablets and other devices - on the go!

... four out of five Australian websites are not optimised for smartphones.

Looking forward, a mobile strategy for your organisiation or business just makes sense!

Why not extend your reach to mobile devices, allow your audience a greater range of devices to view your content with!

Going mobile options:

  1. Native App - Great performance, offline mode, take advantage of device attributes (camera, GPS, acceleromoter,  etc). This can include integration with your website through web services.
  2. Mobile Website - Runs everywhere on the modern web, no offline mode and little access to device attributes. Users get a customised version of your site that works well on smaller screens. Users access your site through a moblie web browser.
  3. Hybrid - A native application that accesses your content on the device, accesses your website content and/or a moblie version of your website. Some aspects work offline depending on how it is developed.

    Mobile applications can be much 'more' or 'less' complicated than the options above, but that's it in a nutshell.

Our solution:

A native application for iOS and Android that takes advantage of what the web does best and what the device does best. This means a native application that has offline access to your key information, documents, images, as well access to your latest website content - news, blog posts, newsletters etc. 
To keep things simple, users access your existing website content on their mobile device so you can publish once and view everywhere!

We can also create an optional mobile version of your website so you have everyone covered.

Key features:

  • Native application that represents your organisition with your logo, branding, colours.
  • Offline access to files, images, documents
  • Website content accessed through RSS feeds and optionally a mobilised version of your website
  • Easy updates without the need to re-submit to the Apple Store or Andriod Market 

Why not contact us for a free assessment of how we can help!